WannaCry Virus

WannaCry is a virus can auto run by itself to encrypted  your data, once your data encrypted, it would open anymore util you paid a certain amount of money to them (usually using bitcoin). These virus will be send to email with attachment or download attachment files or website.

At a moment only OS which using Microsoft will be effected. Example Microsoft XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

How to Prevent it from WannaCry Virus?

  1. Try to install your windows under victual platform. Example victual box. if we using victual platform the IP address inside and outside is not same. When someone want to hack your pc, they need the LAN IP address of your pc, but if we using victual platform the LAN IP will not be a same. Disadvantage is the printer issue, is not  user friendly when you want to print.

    Other then victual box, citrix, VMware, Parallel also same as the concept using victual platform.

  2. Firewall Router-
    Market a lot of firewall router, which one is reasonable and affordable ?
    For my opinion l will chose Pfsense. Pfsense is using OpenBSD as the OS. Since OpenBSD is under one of the linux group. As far as we know, Linux OS is not easy infected by most of the virus. Pfsense is Open source software and is free version, we only paid as the service and package.

    Snort is one of the Pfsense package, Snort is 7 layer internet preventing and intruction system. This SNORT can handle the firewall security very well. If you running Web server, Mail server, FTP server, File server, which is using Microsoft OS on top of it, this SNORT will handle very efficient.

    That all l can share with you for this WannaCry Virus.

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