Sage UBS v9.9.3.0 Release Notes

What’s New?

• GST Imported Services – GST Reversal: New reference number will be assigned to GST Reversal journal entry for Imported Services
• Sorting of GST Bad Debt Relief Listing: GST Bad Debt Relief listing is now enhanced to sort by Customer, followed by Document Date and Reference number.
• GST Dashboard – Goods received pending invoices from suppliers.
• Payment – Knock off bills.
• Bad Debt Relief/ Output Tax Adjustment.
• Bad Debt Recovered/ Input Tax Adjustment.
• Online Updates Mechanism.
• Useful fixes for program issues.
• For more information, please read our Release Notes:

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The new tax codes will only be available in Sage UBS version expected to release in September 2016.
1) I cannot wait for so long, can I add the new tax codes now?
If you need to use it immediately, you can always add those new tax codes anytime at the Tax Codes Maintenance screen.
2) If I add those new tax codes now, what will happen to my new tax codes when Sage release the new tax codes Online Updates?
Our Online Updates scripting will check on the availability of the new tax codes.
If new tax codes existed, then the script will just update the record. Else, the script will add the new tax codes to the default tax code list.
3) What if my Sage Cover expired before the release?
Thanks for supporting Sage products. In that case, please renew your Sage Cover. This is to ensure that you can always obtain the latest legislation update from time to time.



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