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WannaCry Virus

WannaCry is a virus can auto run by itself to encrypted  your data, once your data encrypted, it would open anymore util you paid a certain amount of money to them (usually using bitcoin). These virus will be send to email with attachment or download attachment files or website.

At a moment only OS which using Microsoft will be effected. Example Microsoft XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

How to Prevent it from WannaCry Virus?

  1. Try to install your windows under victual platform. Example victual box. if we using victual platform the IP address inside and outside is not same. When someone want to hack your pc, they need the LAN IP address of your pc, but if we using victual platform the LAN IP will not be a same. Disadvantage is the printer issue, is not  user friendly when you want to print.

    Other then victual box, citrix, VMware, Parallel also same as the concept using victual platform.

  2. Firewall Router-
    Market a lot of firewall router, which one is reasonable and affordable ?
    For my opinion l will chose Pfsense. Pfsense is using OpenBSD as the OS. Since OpenBSD is under one of the linux group. As far as we know, Linux OS is not easy infected by most of the virus. Pfsense is Open source software and is free version, we only paid as the service and package.

    Snort is one of the Pfsense package, Snort is 7 layer internet preventing and intruction system. This SNORT can handle the firewall security very well. If you running Web server, Mail server, FTP server, File server, which is using Microsoft OS on top of it, this SNORT will handle very efficient.

    That all l can share with you for this WannaCry Virus.

Joseph Boo
(Sales and Software Eng of PC Internet Marketing)

Web and Email Hosting Package

Dear all, in conjunction with our 20th anniversary our company do a special promotion as bellow.

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    • Free .com domain
    • 15 GB Email Storage Space
    • 10 GB Web Storage
    • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Sub-domains
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • Control panel
    • 24/7 Support
    • SmarterMail Interface
    • Online Share Drive
    • Free Website Design
    • Including E-Commerce
    • Including Mail Auto Responder
    • Firewall using SNORT


New Features in SmarterMail

SmarterMail 14.x

For a complete breakdown of all of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterMail 14.x, take a look at the release notes for this latest version.

Unique Logins for Each Domain

SmarterMail 14.x allows administrators to create unique login screens for every domain. Small businesses using SmarterMail on their own servers, or even companies using SmarterMail from their hosting provider, will benefit from the ability to customize the SmarterMail login page to add a company logo, provide additional branding text, or simply adjust the default “Login to SmarterMail” text to be more in line with an overall brand message.

Additionally, these customizations are especially beneficial for Web hosts and ISPs, where each domain represents a separate entity. Because administrators can decide which domains are able to override the login page settings, Web hosts and ISPs can choose to offer this customization for free or to use it as an upsell opportunity for their hosting plans. They can give their customers the choice of whether users see the default SmarterMail login page or one customized to that company’s brand. Furthermore, since hosted domains are able to provide their own contact information and support links, Web hosts and ISPs will see a reduction in calls and support requests from users who belong to a company they host.

White Label Your Installation

A powerful brand identity is a vital component of any company. For this reason, SmarterTools allows companies to white label SmarterTools products at no additional charge. This can be done in conjunction with the customized login page mentioned above and the recent change to the End User License Agreement allowing administrators to completely remove the SmarterTools copyright information from the Web interface. Whether you’re creating your own private email platform or attempting to market email as your brand or service, you can present to your users a completely customized experience! Add to this the ability to include custom text in the Help menu, that can direct users to your own help documentation or contact page, and you’ve got an entire email platform dedicated to your company’s brand, from login all the way to support resources!

Multiple Calendar Support

SmarterMail 14.x introduces the ability to add multiple calendars to a single user account. Do you prefer managing personal and work appointments separately? Do you have a separate project that you want to track alone? Well now you can by creating a new SmarterMail calendar for your account! Along with being able to add as many calendars as needed, users can add their own custom color to the calendars they have available. When viewing all calendars together, the customized color can help dictate the calendar for the appointment being viewed. Even better, users can sync their additional account calendars using Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange Web Services, CalDAV and SharePoint. This means they have access to all of their personal appointments, not only within the SmarterMail Web interface but in their preferred email client or application as well.

Connect and Share Using Dropbox and OneDrive

We take file storage to the next level by adding support for Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive! File storage was adopted early on in SmarterMail, making file sharing a breeze. Continuing to build upon that, and similar to the Google Drive file sharing that was made available in an earlier version, we’ve added the ability to connect SmarterMail to your Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive accounts.This means you can link to files two ways: using SmarterMail’s built in file storage or linking to files you’ve stored in your preferred cloud storage account. Even better – you don’t have to manage the permissions for your files with any of the integrated services as SmarterMail will automatically modify the file share so that anyone with access to your linked file can easily open it, view it or work with it!

EWS Support for Office 365 for Mac

SmarterMail 14.x adds support for a more recent version of Exchange Web Services, a data synchronization protocol that allows communication between an email client and the mail server. Support of this updated version means users can seamlessly sync SmarterMail messages, contacts, calendars and tasks to third-party email clients like Microsoft Office 365 for Mac.

Create a Disposable Alias

A Disposable Address is a randomly generated address, completely independent of a user’s current email address. This address acts as a timed alias, forwarding mail to the designated folder for however long the user specified. When the time limit has been reached, the address is no longer valid and mail will not reach your mailbox. This ideal for those times when you only need a temporary sign up or don’t want to give out your email address. You get what you need from the newsletter or service and can rest easy knowing you won’t receive an increase in spam messages.

View Multiple Resources Simultaneously

In this version, we bring collaboration to the next level by adding the ability to view all calendars – shared and native – in one calendar interface. The same holds true for viewing contacts, tasks and notes as well. This is an easy way to have all of your similar data presented together without having to switch between what’s natively in your account and what is shared to you! By simply checkmarking the resources you want to view, you can check out your own calendar appointments along with any that have been assigned on your Domain shared calendar, easily compare your own tasks with a coworker’s shared list and so much more! The ability to view like-items together gives you less time managing displays and more time focusing on what’s important.

Message Sniffer Integration

SmarterMail 14.x includes the very sought after Message Sniffer integration! Message Sniffer complements SmarterMail’s built-in antispam and antivirus features and accurately captures more than 99% of spam, viruses, and malware right out of the box. It learns about your environment automatically to optimize its performance and accuracy without your intervention; and it can be easily customized to meet your requirements. Because Message Sniffer runs all of its signatures locally, it doesn’t need to communicate with any services outside of the mail server, making it quicker and more efficient. Furthermore, the database is regularly and automatically updated to protect against new spam and malware attacks. What this means for users? Less time spent managing unwanted, malicious mail and more time getting down to business.